PSC Steering Committee

13th PSC Steering Committee

26/05/2016 – 27/05/2016

Copenhagen, Denmark, May 2016

13th PSC Steering Committee

Documents / Meeting papers

02.Registration form
04.List of participants
05.Draft agenda
07.Use of voluntary contributions
08.Overview of status on ISSAI development/revision/withdrawal
09.Revised due process
10.Overview of comments received/responses
11.FIPP Terms of Reference
12.FIPP Rotation Policy
13.FIPP proposal for revising the ISSAI framework, including cover letter
14.Proposal to merge FAS and the Accounting and Reporting Subcommittee
15.Roadmap for sustainable and effective ISSAI implementation
16.Preconditions for effective financial audit ISSAI implementation
17.ISSAI 30
18.Overview of comments received/responses
19.ISSAI 1210 Practice Note revised
20.ISSAI 1210 Practice Note tracked changes
21.ISSAI 1260 Practice Note revised
22.ISSAI 1260 Practice Note tracked changes
23.ISSAI 1570 Practice Note revised
24.ISSAI 1610 Practice Note revised
25.ISSAI 1610 Practice Note tracked changes
26.ISSAI 1700 Practice Note revised
27.ISSAI 1700 Practice Note tracked changes
28.ISSAI 1701 Practice Note – new
29.ISSAI 1705 Practice Note revised
30.ISSAI 1705 Practice Note tracked changes
31.ISSAI 1720 Practice Note revised
32.ISSAI 1720 Practice Note tracked changes
33.ISSAI 1800 Practice Note revised
34.ISSAI 1800 Practice Note tracked changes
35.ISSAI 1805 Practice Note revised
36.ISSAI 1805 Practice Note tracked changes
37.ISSAI 1810 Practice Note revised
38.ISSAI 1810 Practice Note tracked changes
39.Proposal to withdraw ISSAI 1000
40.Revised ISSAI 200
41.Revised ISSAI 200 tracked changes
42.ISSAI 3000
43.ISSAI 3100
44.ISSAI 3200
45.Appendix to ISSAI 3100
46.ISSAI 4000
47.PSC mandate 2017-2022

Event information

Minutes of meeting


01.World Bank – Jennifer Thomson
02.IFAC – James Gunn
03.FIPP presentation – Ganga Kaparavapu and Neil Usher
04.IDI presentation – Archana Shirsat
05.The IIA – Gerry Cox
06.INTOSAI General Secretariat – Monika Gonzalez
07.ISSAI 30 – Jacek Jezierski
08.ISSAIs 3000-3200 – Dagomar Lima
09.ISSAI 4000 – Ingvild Gulbrandsen
10.Incoming chair – mandate and work plan – Rafael Torres and Neil Usher