Liaison Officers

Network of INTOSAI Standards Liaison Officers – ISLO

PSC has established the network of INTOSAI standards liaison officers (ISLO) within the INTOSAI community. It aims at enhancing communication and dialogue around the standard-setting process and learning more about the application of the framework in practice. The ISLO network channels information and feedback by providing a single point of contact in SAIs and INTOSAI working bodies. It offers a quick and easy communication at bilateral and multilateral levels and promotes dialogue.

The ISLO receives requests related to standards – from the PSC or other INTOSAI working bodies – and reacts as necessary. This could involve providing feedback on a particular issue or distributing the information around their organisation.

The Liaison Officer should also be in the position to identify and collate problems encountered in understanding and applying the standards, and convey this information to the appropriate INTOSAI body as part of the feedback process.

If your institution or organization wants to be part of this network, please provide us with the name, email address and job title of the person you nominate from your institution/ body and send it to