Performance Audit Subcommittee

1st Annual PAS Meeting

08/08/2006 – 09/08/2006

Brasilia, Brazil

The 1st PAS Meeting took place at the headquarters of the Brazilian Court of Audit, in Brasília, Brazil, on August 8 and 9, 2006. Representatives of the European Court of Audit and the SAI(s) of Australia, Brazil, Canada, Norway and Saudi Arabia participated in the event. They discussed and approved the versions of the Terms of Reference and Work Plan 2006-2008 that we later submitted to the Governing Board. The Meeting agenda included presentations by the Brazilian Court of Audit participants about an audit on the “Family Grant” federal government programme and about the e-learning course on performance audit offered by the Court’s training center. Besides that, each participant gave a briefing of the work their respective SAIs are carrying out in the area of performance audit, talking about the main challenges and strengths.