PSC Steering Committee

14th PSC Steering Committee Meeting

08/06/2017 – 09/06/2017

Brasília, Brazil, June 2017

14th PSC Steering Committee Meeting

Agenda items

01.Minutes of the meeting
02.Draft agenda – updated May 25, 2017
03.List of participants

Documents / Meeting papers

02.PSC mandate
04.Role of the GB for the effective implementation of the strategic plan (Discussion paper)
05.Analysis of the comments on the Discussion paper
07.”Governance of FIPP”
08.Record note of 3rd meeting of FIPP
09.Record note of 4th meeting
10.Strategic Development Plan (SDP)
11.Due Process
12.Letter from FIPP Chair to the Goal Chairs about SDP implementation
13.Appendix I- Recommendation on the organisation of projects
14.Appendix II- FIPP Liaison officers for SDP Projects
15.Information sent by the PSC Secretariat to the PSC Subcommittees regarding the SDP implementation
16.FIPP SDP project proposal template
17.FIPP GUID drafting conventions
18.FAAS Work Plan 2017-2019
19.FAAS Project Proposal – Defining and Identifying Financial Audit Application Guidance (submitted to PSC SC)
20.FAAS Project Proposal – Guidance – Evaluating the Acceptability of an Accounting Framework (submitted to PSC SC)
21.FAAS Project Proposal – ISSAI 200 Revisions (submitted to PSC SC)
22.FAAS Project Proposal – Practice Note Minor Amendments (submitted to PSC SC)
23.Letter from PSC Chair to PSC Subcommittees about SDP revision
24.Letter from CBC Chair to CBC Subcommittees and Project Groups about SDP revision
25.CBC comments
26.KSC comments
27.KSC comments – annex 1
28.PAS comments
29.Proposed calendar for next SDP (updated 22/05)
30.Paper on the SDGs
31.FAAS work plan 2017-2019
32.Liaison with external stakeholders – updated on June 1st
33.Current MoU with IFAC
34.Current MoU with IIA
35.Report from INTOSAI representative in the IPSASB-PIC
36.Report from INTOSAI representative in the IIASB/IIA Board
37.Report from INTOSAI representative in the IIA/IPPF OC
38.Report from INTOSAI representative in the IAASB-CAG
39.Report from INTOSAI representative in the IPSASB-CAG
40.Presentation – IPSASB update
41.Paper on technical support function
42.PSC ToR (draft)
43.Goal Chairs collaboration – Quality assuring INTOSAI public goods developed outside the Due Process


04.Welcome by the PSC Chair and Opening of the Meetin
05.Welcome by the PSC Vice-Chair
06.PSC Mandate and Strategic Objectives
07.PSC and ISSAI Websites
08.INTOSAI Chair Presentation
09.INTOSAI Secretary General Presentation
10.Financial Matters
11.Presentation by the FIPP Chair
12.FIPP Governance and Membership
13.The Due Process
13.The Revision of the Framework
14.The SDP Implementation
15.The Revision of SDP
16.ICS Presentation
17.CAS Presentation
18.FAAS Presentation
19.PAS Presentation
20.World Bank Presentation
21.IFAC Presentation
22.IIA Presentation
23.Advisory Function
24.IPSASB Update
25.INTOSAI Representation in the IFAC and IIA Boards
26.Tehcnical Support Function
27.Goal Chairs Collaboration
28.CBC Presentation
29.KSC Presentation
30.IDI Presentation
31.CAROSAI Presentation