Steering Committee

19th PSC Steering Committee Meeting (online)

19/10/2021 – 19/10/2021

Online meeting

Preparing for the 19th PSC SC meeting

  • Review in advance the materials sent to you. All meeting materials are available at this meeting webpage
  • Be proactive and ask ahead of time about expectations if they are not clear to you
  • Be ready for a video conference. An official meeting photo will be taken. You need to turn your camera on for this. Please note that the meeting will be recorded.
  • Please mute your mic when you are not speaking. Use headsets or earphones for better sound quality. If possible, use a laptop or a desk computer instead of a phone.
  • Use the ‘hands up’ functionality to speak or leave your comments in the chat function.

Meeting materials

19th PSC SC Agenda and meeting materials

Meeting Minutes

[Agenda item 2] PSC Progress Report 2021 (updated 18/10/2021)

FIPP report to PSC SC October 2021

[Agenda item 4] Strategic input for the next SDP process - questionnaire closed. Please see results here

[Agenda item 5] Progress Report of the Review of the IFPP - component 1

[Agenda item 6] Key questions to discussions sessions on the Review of the IFPP