PSC Steering Committee

7th PSC Steering Committee Meeting

05/05/2010 – 07/05/2010

Copenhagen, Denmark, May 2010

7th PSC Steering Committee Meeting

Documents / Meeting papers

02.Social programme and practical information
03.List of participants
04.Project proposal – Harmonisation Project
05.The auditing function of SAIs (SAI mapping report)
06.Appendix to SAI mapping – tables 1 – 9
07.PSC awareness-raising strategy – Final approved version
08.Draft to recommended procedure for the handling of requests for including guidelines in the ISSAI Framework
09.Draft work plan 2011 – 2013 Project on Audit Quality Control for SAIs
10.Draft work plan 2011 – 2013 Financial Audit Subcommittee
11.Draft work plan 2011 – 2013 Performance Audit Subcommittee
12.Draft work plan 2011 – 2013 Compliance Audit Subcommittee
13.Draft work plan 2011 – 2013 Internal Control Standards Subcommittee
14.Progress report Accounting and Reportig Subcommittee
15.Organisation of activities
16.Proxy – Importance of an independent standard setter
17.Draft INTOSAI Strategic Plan
18.Draft PSC progress report
19.ISSAI 1000 Endorsement version
20.ISSAI 1003 Endorsement version
21.ISSAI 3100 Endorsement version
22.Comments received
23.Analysis of comments received
24.Mark-up version
25.Appendix to ISSAI 3100 Endorsement version
26.Comments received
27.Analysis of comments received
28.Mark-up version
29.INTOSAI GOV 9140 Endorsement version
30.INTOSAI GOV 9150 Endorsement version

Event information

Minutes of the 7th PSC Steering Committee Meeting
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01.Harmonization Project
02.Presentation FAS
03.Presentation CAS
04.Presentation PAS
05.Presentation Audit Quality Control
06.INCOSAI calendar
07.Status INTOSAI Strategic Plan