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Network of Volunteer SAIs for Translation of Pronouncements


All INTOSAI’s pronouncements must be available in the five official INTOSAI languages: English, French, German, Spanish and Arabic.


In order to guarantee the quality of the pronouncements, the PSC Secretariat has established a network of volunteer SAIs, in specific language groups, to undertake the translation and revision of documents.


There are a number of SAIs worldwide which have language departments to translate documents using INTOSAI language combinations. There may also be experienced auditors in those SAIs working in one of the INTOSAI official
languages, who know the subject matter (and have a good command of English) and who may be willing and have the time to undertake the translation of a document with the approval of their employer. 


A major advantage of this proposal is that SAI translators already have considerable knowledge of translating in the field of public audit and are familiar with the relevant terminology. The SAIs involved may have a strong incentive to contribute to this task and ensure quality, as their audit staff are likely to be the ones who will make the greatest use of the resulting


Any pronouncement submitted for translation by the network will undergo a mandatory revision to ensure its quality. This will be done as an independent review of the translation accuracy, and correct use of terminology. This practice is not currently widespread amount existing INTOSAI pronouncements. 

The Network of Volunteer SAIs for Translation of Pronouncements

Spanish: SAI Argentina

German: SAI Germany and SAI Austria

Arabic: SAI Qatar and SAI United Arab Emirates

French: SAI France

Guidelines to use the translation network

  • The working group arrange, as before, for translations in all other language combinations.
  • A working group requiring a translation will contact the INTOSAI Technical Support Function (TSF) who will arrange for the translation and revision to be made by one of our SAI partners in the language combination(s) available.
  • For those translations and revisions arranged by the TSF, the TSF will take responsibility to coordinate and answer any queries arising from the translators to align terminology and promote consistent translations.
  • Translators and revisers are not be required to format the translated text. To ensure consistency, the TSF and the PSC secretariat do this at a later stage when uploading the document to

Is your SAI interested in joining the translation network? Please contact us! We are looking for more SAIs to volunteer.


Linha tracejada