If you want to contribute to the work of the PSC, please address your application for membership directly to the relevant PSC subcommittee.

Professional Standards Committee Financial Auditing and Accounting Subcommittee Subcommittee on Internal Control Standards Compliance Audit Sub-committee Performance Audit Subcommittee
Australia No No No Yes
Austria Yes Yes Yes Yes
Azerbaijan No No Yes No
Bahamas No Yes No No
Bangladesh No Yes No No
Belgium No Yes No No
Bolivia No Yes No No
Brazil (chair) No Yes Yes Yes
Cameroon Yes No No No
Canada Yes No No Yes
Chile No Yes No No
China No No Yes No
Cook Islands No Yes No No
Costa Rica No Yes No No
Cuba No Yes No No
Denmark No No No Yes
European Court of Auditors (ECA) (Vice-Chair) Yes No Yes Yes
Egypt No Yes No No
El Salvador No Yes No No
France Yes Yes Yes Yes
Germany Yes No No No
Georgia No Yes Yes Yes
Guyana No No No Yes
Hungary No Yes Yes Yes
India Yes No Yes (chair) Yes
Iran No No No Yes
Jamaica No Yes No No
Kiribati No No No Yes
Kuwait Yes No No No
Libya No Yes No No
Lithuania No Yes Yes No
Mexico No No Yes Yes
Namibia Yes No Yes No
Netherlands No Yes No Yes
Norway Yes No Yes Yes (chair)
Oman No Yes No No
Peru No No No Yes
Poland No Yes (chair) No No
Portugal No No Yes No
Romania No Yes Yes Yes
Russian Federation No Yes No Yes
Saudi Arabia No No Yes Yes
Slovakia No No Yes No
Slovenia No No No Yes
South Africa Yes Yes Yes Yes
Spain No Yes No No
Sweden Yes No Yes Yes
Tanzania No Yes No No
Tunisia No No Yes Yes
Ukraine No Yes No No
United Arab Emirates Yes (chair) No No No
United Kingdom Yes No No Yes
USA Yes Yes Yes Yes