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Practical information

List of participants as of 04 June

Download pack of meeting documents


1 Opening session

Meeting agenda as of 04 June UPDATED

PSC Presentation - overview of the agenda

2 Midterm review - Goal 1

PSC Dashboard Strategic Objectives

PSC Presentation - dashboard strategic objectives

3 Implementation of the SDP 2017-2019

SDP 2017-2019

Revised SDP 2017-2019

Status of SDP projects

PSC Presentation - Status of SDP implementation

FIPP Presentation - SDP implementation

4 Strategic issues regarding the IFPP

Drafting conventions on GUIDs

Drafting conventions for application material

FAAS Explanatory Memorandum - SDP project 1.3

Additional material: Classification practice notes (by FAAS)

Take away on application material (by FIPP)


PSC Presentation - INTOSAI GOVs

PSC Presentation - Strategic issues regarding the IFPP

5 Interpretation of the pronouncements and the feedback loop

Interpreting the ISSAIs - discussion paper

Feedback loop - discussion paper 

PSC Presentation - interpretation of pronouncements

PSC Presentation - feedback loop

6 Implementation of the Technical Support Function (TSF)

INTOSAI Technical Support Function

Draft Call for candidates

PSC Presentation - TSF

7 Translation of the pronouncements

Translating the ISSAIs - discussion paper

PSC Presentation - translation

8 Roles and reponsibilities in the INTOSAI Standard setting process

INTOSAI Statutes

INTOSAI Strategic Plan 2017-2022

Due Process

PSC Terms of Reference

FIPP Terms of Reference

FIPP Working Procedures

SDP 2017-2019

INTOSAI Handbook for Committees

PSC Presentation - points for discussion

9 Miscellaneous

Proposal for the use of PSC funds

PSC Presentation

10 INTOSAI Strategic Plan (2017-2022) and priorities for the PSC in 2020-2022

Performance and Accountability Report 2017-2018

PSC Dashboard Crosscutting Priorities

Secretary General and PFAC Presentation

11 The New SDP

Approval of the SDP

SDP Proposal 

SDP - FIPP´s inputs

PSC Presentation - new SDP