According to the Due Process for INTOSAI´s framework of professional pronouncements, the chairs of the PSC, CBC and KSC are responsible for the selection of FIPP members, following an open call for nominations that is developed each year.


In 2018 the process was launched at June 25 for three vacant seats at FIPP. See here the letter sent to all SAIs, Regional Organizations and INTOSAI bodies and the supporting material – PSC Terms of Reference, FIPP Terms of Reference and the document Governance of FIPP, presented to INTOSAI Governing Board in 2016.


The new members were selected by the PSC, CBC and KSC Chairs and endorsed by INTOSAI Governing Board in November 2018. The new members are Mr. Gerhard Ross (ECA), Mr. Toma Donchev (SAI Bulgaria) and Mr. Deepak Anurag (SAI India). Their mandate is from 1/1/2019 to 31/12/2021.