About FIPP

In 2014, the three INTOSAI Goal Chairs established a common forum for professional standards, in a temporary basis. The composition of the forum intends to mirror, as much as possible, the membership of INTOSAI in respect to regional representation, SAI models, audit types and audit/capacity developing expertise. The 68th meeting of INTOSAI´s Governing Board, held in Abu Dhabi, in December 2016, decided to confirm the forum as an Intosai permanent body, called the Forum for Intosai Professional Pronouncements (FIPP). 


Current members of FIPP:

Aase Kristin Hemsen (chair) - SAI Norway

Kristoffer Blegvad (vice chair) - SAI Denmark

Aleksandra Popovic - SAI Sweden

Alex Monge Lemaitre - SAI Costa Rica

Beryl Davis - SAI United States of America

Deepak Anurag – SAI India

Einar Gørrissen - INTOSAI Development Initiative (IDI)

Gerard Ross – European Court of Auditors

Karen Elizabeth Alejandrina Belteton Mohr - SAI Guatemala

Josephine Mukomba - AFROSAI-E Secretariat

Lionel Vareille - SAI France

Marita Salgrave - SAI Latvia

Robert Cox - SAI New Zealand

Stuart Barr - SAI Canada

Tashi Tobgay - SAI Bhutan

Toma Donchev – SAI Bulgaria