Survey on the INTOSAI Framework of Professional Pronouncements (IFPP)

Survey PSC2.jpg

As part of our effort to continuously improve the standards and other professional pronouncements developed by INTOSAI, the Professional Standards Committee (PSC) wants to understand better:

  • how the IFPP is used in practice;
  • how well it meets the needs of users; and
  • how it could be further developed.

This effort is part of a large review project, that is being carried out as part of the 2020-2022 strategic development plan (SDP) for INTOSAI’s standard setting activities. The review involves a comprehensive analysis of the framework, and how it is used, in order to provide ideas and guidance for its future development.

Given the importance and wide usage of the IFPP, we are undertaking the review as openly and transparently as possible, involving a wide range of consultation. This survey, which is addressed to all SAIs, is phase 3 of the review. The aim is to explore issues raised by earlier parts of the process across the widest number of users. More information about the Component 1 review, including the wide range of views already expressed, can be found on the project website.

The online survey is available here. We request you to provide your inputs by the 10th of September 2021 (new deadline).

Your response is extremely valuable to us, and we look forward to your kind support for filling in the survey questions and sharing it with your SAI’s collaborators.

Linha tracejada